One of the most painful experiences we have to endure in life is the death of a loved one. The pain and heartache can be extreme and the grief we experience does not easily go away. I created Memorial Gift Shop in order to help bring a little comfort into the lives of those whom have lost a loved one. I create buttons, keychains, sympathy cards and more. It’s just a small way that I can help bring a little peace and comfort to others. Some people have asked me if it makes me sad designing memorial gifts. On the contrary it brings me a sense of peace, and, I try to incorporate love and beauty into each creation. Below you will find some of the gifts that I have designed.

Memorial Gift Shop – Heart Photo Keychain

These gifts can be easily personalized in order to help comfort you in your time of need. I can also do special orders and custom designs too. Zazzle has about 250 different products. If you like a design, you can easily transfer it from a mug to a shirt, button, magnet, etc…

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