Custom Tree of Life Artwork

I have always been attracted to trees, I love not only their beauty, but, their texture, uniqueness, and their ability to blow in the wind, yet maintain their strength. I chose the Tree of Life as a theme for my art because of its symbolism. The tree of life stands for many positive things. It can stand for Unity, Oneness, the Circle of Life, Family, Community, Universal Connectivity, God’s Love, Ecology, Recycling and much more. I create my tree of life works on a commission basis. If you would like me to create a Tree of Life for you or someone you care about it would bring me great pleasure. You’d need to tell me any colors you’d like, and, could suggest certain elements like peace symbols, yin yangs, etc.. And, then I’d just start to make one. It won’t be the one you’ve probably envisioned in your mine, and, it most likely will not be something that I envisioned either, but, it should be close. I tend to get caught up in the art process and I love being creative and experiment with colors, shapes, etc..

Once completed I will give you the .jpg file as well as have it printed on archival paper, as a poster, printed on canvas or another medium and give you a certificate that the tree was created for you, or, the name of the person you choose. It will be signed by me. If you’d like to commission your own tree of life artwork, please contact me at [email protected]

Here is one where I put a black plastic bag in it and added a plant.

Custom Made Tree of Life Artwork