AZEZ – A to Z, EZ GIFTS: I purchased the domain name AZEZ.com around 2010 when all the 4 letter domain names were almost registered. I held onto it for a couple of years thinking I might use it. But, I wasn’t sure what for. One day I needed a domain name for a Zazzle store and thought of it. I figured it it might be a good name for a Zazzle store since there were two Z’s in it. After a few hours I came up with AZEZ.com – A to Z, EZ Gifts. I then set out designing artwork for various gifts that Zazzle offered for sale. Some of the things in this store are custom, personalized mugs, cell cases, cookbooks, magnets, keychains and more.

One design that I came up with that people liked was the best mother mug below. It looks like a simple search engine and can be customized with a mom’s name.

AZEZ – Best Mom Mug

You can find other similar search mugs for Teachers, Office, Fathers, Brothers and Sisters, etc. HERE.


Below you will find some of the items in my store. If you need a custom creation please contact me. Have a wonderful day and thanks for shopping!


From A to Z, EZ Gifts! Personalized gifts that you can add your own name, message and more to in order to make something they will treasure.

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