About You Tees features a collection of Tshirt designs that you can customize. Beach designs, funny designs, sarcastic tees, customer requested designs and that I have created. Need something special for your business, club, team or organization. No problem. You can visit my store at http://AboutYoutTees.com

Below you will find a few featured tshirt designs. While I am more of an artist and a sculptor, I like designing tshirts. Many of them I make for family or friends, or designs for customers.

Besides Tshirts. I also create sayings on magnets, buttons, etc., like the ones below…

https://www.zazzle.com/funny_math_problems_magnet-160345817335754895 https://www.zazzle.com/if_you_keep_doing_what_your_doing_magnet-147107242413483910

Below you will find a few more designs. Most can be customized with your own text.

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