Tree of Life Poem

Deep roots that delve so deep,
A tree of life so strong and steep.
From earth to sky it reaches high,
With branches wide against the sky.

Its leaves, a rustling symphony,
A dance with every breeze that’s free.
A home to creatures great and small,
A shelter through the seasons all.

The bark is rough, the wood is strong,
A symbol of life’s journey long.
It stands with grace and dignity,
A beacon of eternity.

For though its leaves may fall away,
And winter winds may strip its sway,
It blooms anew with spring’s return,
A cycle of life’s ebb and burn.

So here’s to you, old friend so true,
The tree of life, we honor you.
A reminder of nature’s might,
And all the beauty held inside.

The tree of life stands tall and proud,
With branches reaching for the clouds.
Its roots run deep into the earth,
Connecting all that gave it birth.

From seed to sapling, then to tree,
It grows and thrives with wild abandon, free.
It shelters creatures great and small,
And gives them life, and sustenance, and all.

The leaves rustle in the gentle breeze,
A symphony of rustling trees.
It stands as witness to the passing days,
And watches seasons come and go in steady pace.

And when its time on earth is through,
It falls, but even in its death,
It gives new life to those around,
As creatures great and small,
Will come to claim its bark and leaves as ground.

The tree of life, forever green,
A symbol of the world and all it’s seen.
It’s beauty, strength and grace,
Will live on in the memories it leaves in its place.